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Homelessness: there are no simple solutions!


Homelessness is not only about drug abuse, addictions or alcoholism. Sometimes, homelessness can be about being forced to live like a gypsy—poor and destitute—because of someone’s vengeful political initiatives, or by the crazy political agendas existing today—those without respect for civil or human rights, or by the abuse of someone's power and authority. Homelessness can also happen when discriminative laws / policies are enacted—under an emotionally disturbed social climate in our communities. Laws that target the undesirable. The homeless, the addicted, and the poor, the mentally ill— on and on.

But there’s much more to the homelessness problem in our community than meets the mind’s eye. There are seriously dysfunctional systems existing in our society as well as in the hearts and minds of many of those who lead us. 

Too many of us have had to endure the long lasting damages of the hate produced by the rumor mill—so much so that it’s infectious nature permeates our inner being. It drives our struggles and our reasons for living. It consumes our bodies, minds and our souls in ways that you could never imagine. You can almost see it for the demonic life form it is. We may start a day off with joy and hope the enlightenment I’ll continue, but before too long, we’re ready for a rubber room because of the drama and hate within others we allow to distract us, and consume our soul every day.

Hate is a ruthless energy. Its prejudice knows no bounds and it only worsens over time. It can completely dominate us throughout an entire lifetime. Hate can exist anywhere—a product, a service or an entire way of life. You can even make a living with hate. You can have power over others, control other peoples lives, and dominate with hate. Hate will even kill for you. But with hate, the lines are blurred, It doesn’t matter which side of a line you’re on, because hate can kill the hater, as easily as it can the hated. It respects no laws, it has no morality and there’s nothing civilized about it. Hate is criminal in origin.

Some of our more hateful laws preclude certain people from eligibility for state and federal supplemental housing programs—regardless of disability or age—so for some—finding housing can be nearly impossible for reasons based upon hatred. Lawmakers do this shit! 

This is especially problematic while urban areas are being forced to gentrify, and because of the criminal politics building its foundation. So, in that, numerous people with a lot of potential end up unemployed-unemployable, and eventually, they become homeless, or end up in jail or prison for a serious crime. Some former felons cannot even go to senior centers, live in retirement homes or get critical health care in nursing homes.  It’s black and white. It’s authorized by law! And It all emanates from an unconscionable prejudice and discrimination based on hate—not just hate’s fear alone—but in every manifesting of it.  It defies truth. 

These laws are usually the byproduct of ignorance, a prejudice in grandiose fashion for human life—within our leadership. And the consequences of these laws often spell disaster for those affected by them. Many of these laws are in part based purely upon some whore with a Ph.D of voodoo science / statistics. A testament of lies to justify it’s premises and enactment. Typically, these laws tend to be hateful in “principle,” and defy’s the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But in all fairness, homelessness also happens when we allow ourselves to become manipulated by social and cultural distractions, or by some political minutiae permeating our mainstream media as if it were Gospel.  It’s all intended to manipulate our hearts and minds for profit or to push through a piece of experimental social engineering. It’s designed to distract us from what we know to be right.

Along with petty personal attacks brought on by the malcontent in social media—the organized adolescent-minded criminals operating within a few of our non-profit or government agencies continued—so trying to live a healthy and productive life becomes even more difficult.

There’s certainly a great deal more fear in the world today than ever before. So, what about those who prefer to vent their frustrations on the poor, the sick or simple minded—the people most likely to profit from the effects of hate and its prejudice? To whom are they really accountable?

Yes, we need change. But not necessarily the change you “might” be considering. Political? Economic? Social? I think we need to bring back the simple things in life. 

Parasitical economics continues to drive us all closer to bankruptcy3—or closer to utter destruction. Populations are increasing, and working to make a comfortable living is getting harder every day—pick your poison.

The cost of living is soaring out of control, and while many of us continue to struggle to keep up with it, we suffer irreparable physical, mental and spiritual harm. For many of us, there’s never enough time or money to truly enjoy life in all of its splendor—because we remain stuck in this macroscopic economic Ponzi scheme—created by our own ignorance and maintained by our pain. It’s a scheme that “all of us” are responsible for, because we’ve been forced to become selfish and lazy with our souls.

Everything’s about MONEY!

And for those of us who remain homeless for extended periods of time—and end up befriending other‘s in similar situations—we find that those friends will attach themselves to us and take from our resources without caring about anyone but themselves. They may have never learned. 

Being in a situation like this while our desperation gets us through it, it puts us in circumstances we should never be in. Those circumstances need to be avoided whenever possible. It sounds unfriendly and seems unfair at times, but getting involved may only keep you from recovery.

Sometimes, we need help from community organizations, but they are often either underfunded, inadequately / improperly managed, or, in simpler terms, lack the personnel with the expertise necessary to follow through with their intended missions. Meanwhile, the poor and destitute fall deeper into a state of hopelessness5 because the correct measures do not exist. Futility is another exercise I’d like to avoid at all costs, but dealing with mental and emotional disorders in a philosophically unstable community can and will lead to drama and chaos. 

Some people in these agencies who claim to be devoted to helping the poor can become a big problem. So watch out! Some mean well, but by getting involved with them, you could end up right back onto the streets or worse. The environmental reality that led many of us to our failures—because som intentions are, unfortunately, inadequate.

The crazy economic circumstances in our lives that are increasing without fail—which represent an entirely new cycle of defeat—can drive us to our deaths. We need to stop this cycle. But that’s off topic. More on that later...

Homelessness can be about quitting a dead end job or getting fired, and not being able to find work—so now we can’t afford to pay our rent. Guess what happens next? We get evicted6, and we’re back on the streets at square one. It’s a real bummer!

A fire could ravage our home and leave us penniless and vulnerable—with nothing to show after years of hard work to get back what we once had7, and the cycle of circumstances “beyond our control” continue. 

Or, it can happen that we become ill—so much so that we cannot work at all8. And as we fall deeper into debt, we also fall deeper into the pits of hopelessness9. Envy, jealousy greed and aggression, driven by urgency and desperation can turn a decent human being into a monster. Imagine an entire society like that?

Don’t think that these things couldn’t happen to you, because they can. Let's hope not. But believe me, you never know when a tragedy will strike, and sometimes, there's a long period of bad luck to go along with it! It’s only wise to prepare for a worse case scenario. Planning goes a long way. 


On the other side of the coin, homelessness can be an opportunity to free oneself from the chaos life can represent at times—a way to be free from the drama of troublesome neighbors or having to live in a dumpy building with eight, four, and two legged critters running around causing trouble—where the two legged critters wear hats and talk a lot of shit. Those critters are the most dangerous. Drama queens!

Homelessness can also provide an opportunity for reconnecting oneself with nature—or perhaps as a means to reflect upon one’s life in an effort to rebuild some faith and hope that there’s something better ahead—a smarter path for surviving this world of materialism, greed and selfishness. Shouldn’t life involve more than struggle?  Where’s the balance? Where’s the passion? Where’s the genuine happiness.

But, in order to solve the problems that brought us to the brink of destruction—in a manner that restores our inner souls and provide’s a clear path for financial wellbeing—with self-respect and dignity—takes a lot of motivation, initiative, and hard work. It takes enormous effort—which is something many of us are too exhausted to even think about doing, so we don’t. We’ve been defeated!

Some of us are so tired of fighting the system to survive that we just give up trying, or end up in jail. We fall into self-destructive behavior patterns that lead to our demise, and sometimes during all of this, we become reckless with the lives of others without realizing it. Some of us even die before our time because of the intensity of our burdens.

The process of regaining control over our own lives—once we’re able to accept that our past brought us nothing but malcontent and utter failure—is not an easy process to do. In fact, it sucks! But accepting the reality that “we” are at fault is a must for true recovery. Just Knowing the details of all our mistakes isn’t going to rescue us. It takes action! It requires dedication and devotion to positive change. And without honesty as the foundation of our efforts, the efforts are worth nothing, mean nothing, and lead to nothing. 

Having some faith in yourself, and a willingness to make the necessary changes in your life to find the right path for you—and to do whatever it takes to bring joy in simply-being-alive is easier than you think. But it may involve having to be content with little-to-no-means at all. 

Starting over takes a power greater than yourself, within yourself. Down on your luck? Tired of the bullshit people pull to get ahead? Well...

Faith is a powerful reality! It can move mountains. Change the fate of a nation. Alter the destiny of a race. It can be a source of inner strength when times are tough. It can even save lives—if there’s enough courage in your faith. But is that enough? Not always!

Finding faith can be the toughest road you’ll ever travel—especially if there’s any doubt within you that you are here for a reason. Or that your life has meaning—regardless of your past. Guilt has to go! Resentment has to go! Unnecessary selfishness has to go! And we need to take on a bigger challenge. The challenge that our ancestors laid upon us. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But faith can also be used as a weapon. (Religion is a major source of this weaponry; since religious beliefs can be so binding upon the body, mind and soul. The faith of some might not be right for others.) And, depending upon which side of any conflict you’re standing on I guess, our faith will determine how difficult our road will be to travel. 

Faith in the wrong things can only make matters worse. So how do you know what faith really is? How does one rebuild faith after experiencing a lifetime of betrayal and hypocrisy?

Sometimes your faith is tested beyond belief—tested to such an extent that surrender may be the only solution to your problem—or not. And depending upon how deeply your faith and courage together can convince you that your perspectives are based on fact, reality, and the truth—or whatever else drives your inner sense of purpose / meaning, admitting to yourself that you need help might be the only road to your earthly salvation. Surrendering doesn’t mean quitting or dropping out of living your life. And it certainly doesn’t mean compromising your morality and ethics. Surrender, in this case, is all about faith!

Self-righteousness plays a role in that too. Self-righteousness was a dear friend of mine for many years, and without realizing it, I became close minded, stubborn and arrogant—with the highest level of ignorance imaginable driving my initiatives. It wasn’t healthy. Some of it was unconscionable. But in recognizing it, I learned a-lot by mapping it all out. my biggest obstacle was accepting that I could not lie. Especially to myself. Because that’s not faithful.

Whatever your demons represent in your life or to you, I know there’s hope. There always is! Because Faith is a powerful reality.

My name is Walt, and I happen to be one of those homeless guys living in the woods. But make no mistake about it. I’m here by choice. I love the outdoors. Nature. God’s domain. It has forced me to find contentment within myself—with hardly any material benefits whatsoever. For me, it’s back to basics. Connecting with the earth I was born of. Connecting with simplicity, and believing in God. My God! The God who reveals life to me in a way I may not appreciate right away.

I needed to force myself to find contentment in having nothing, rather than indulging myself in the status quo of materialism, and the greed and malcontent that accompanies it. It's not easy.

Materialism is one of the most tempting of the demon’s offerings—and it can be the most destructive if you allow it. It’s born of envy, jealousy and anger—with desperation driving its growth.

Life can be tough on folks. Folks who may not necessarily deserve to be poor and destitute. Why make it harder on such folks?

Disabled Individuals, seniors, handicapped and others suffering endless calamities for bad choices made throughout their lives, or having unfortunate twists of fate from major health problems—bad genes. Those who have nowhere to turn because our society decided they have nothing more to offer.

Recently, I’ve noticed that circumstances make it seem as though our Nation’s legacy—a genuine love for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in all our people—are no longer respected as our way of life. Our principles have been contaminated by cross-cultural misunderstanding and disrespect—by the lust to possess—pack rats.

These days, for us, life’s more about rising to the top—in dollars and cents—regardless of the harms being done, or who gets hurt during our quest for financial independence / greatness / supremacy. We seem less likely to connect with our own basic humanity than ever before. This is biblical. Read about the tower of babel, but keep it in perspective.

Too many people have sacrificed their lives to preserve our ability to be free. I can't squander this gift of freedom like I have in the past, or ignore the realities or the value of the lives around me—the hearts, minds and souls of others—regardless of race, culture, color, creed, religion, or sexual preference. That’s where hope comes in.

As an American, I have to respect our Nation’s legacy. I need to understand the purity and greatness of our Constitution as our ancestors shaped it—and rather than what we’ve been misled to believe what life’s all about today, it’s more important for me to be an example in all my pursuits. But is that even possible any longer?

The fundamental principles of justice, fairness and human compassion have been twisted by demented organized criminals thriving in the fabric of our media, government and some large scale business operations. So much so that we’ve been led to compromise our values for the sake of possession.

It seems as though our wants and love of our possessions have overtaken so many of our simple ambitions—so much so that we’ve enslaved ourselves to the trending but parasitical freakonomics!

Many of us seem to find contentment thriving in our own wastefulness—driven by our political systems that are perpetuated by our own greed, collectively. In this case, greed is not a necessarily a choice, but is often a necessity. This is where we’re at as a Nation, IMO.

The modern philosophies that have evolved in the spirit of desire, the quest for supremacy (to be equal with God) has proven, once again, that our Bible is correct and true. 

In a sense, that’s what’s leading us to economic suicide. Our desires and quests for supremacy. Not just as a nation, or humanity as a whole, but each as individuals. It could result in the destruction of the human race if we continue on this reckless path. Parasitical economic system will destroy the human race. 

We live our lives to live in luxury, to possess toys and other material things that we really don’t need, in order to bring value to our lives or prove to ourselves that we are worthy. We thrive on being entertained, even if we’re at risk from it. We even cast out other people from our lives over foolish things, despite their potential for great contribution, charity and love. We’re taught that freedom and independence means that we can do whatever we want—even if it destroys us.

The Think Tank Nation group is a program being developed to include anyone willing to participate in the think tank process. The think tanks process is about identifying the most dangerous aspects of our past lives and recognizing how our decisions impacted our lives. It reaches into the fabric of successes and our failures and builds an accurate current manifest of our lifestyle challenges.

It’s intended to help each of us develop our own individual social and financial stability; through solidarity, honor and hard work to reinvent ourselves and to help lead our nation back to a state of creative greatness. It’s not about having the most money, a nice ride, a house, or a lavish party lifestyle. It’s not about war or violence. It’s about the future of humanity!

This program begins as a process of building one’s own Recovery and Advancement Plan—the plan for constantly improving upon our lives, with personal experiences and guided understanding as our teacher. We do this in order to bring back some genuine happiness and pride in ourselves in the future, each as an American. We need to focus more upon where we belong than the directions we need to get there.

It’s not about anyone else’s issues—it’s about ourselves—each as an individual—in need of finding our own passions, and with self-respect and governing that by what we value most as human beings—plot out our own destiny.

Day one and Two: Two hours each.

Introduction day. Each participant will learn how to develop a RAP (Recovery and Advancement Plan)—covering their own perspectives about the pro’s and cons of their lives. The good, the bad, and the evils of their life’s history. An honest evaluation for a purpose and to reconcile our accomplishments. The RAP’s are in written form, or better yet, in a workbook format. 

Once completed, suitable advisors of the participant’s choosing to help further develop the participant’s “plan” of action. 

The RAP can be in a “Form” format to better help the individual focus upon the RAP construct. Personal journaling will be introduced at this point like a daily guide/roadmap.

Note: The most important aspect of this portion of the program is to look upon one’s life in the most positive senses, but demonstrating honesty and an awareness to the negativity and bad choices made throughout our lives is a key factor. The plan should be geared to lead the participants to force challenges upon themselves each and every day—to help identify their specific triggers and to compensate for the errors in order to solidify the plan’s success.

Day Two and three: Two Hours each.

Each participant will use the time, through group session methodology, to share their personal findings about themselves—within the RAP construct—about their lives (pros and cons), and how they will attain their desired goals. Participants can choose what they want to share, and they must not be even slightly encouraged to share something they do not want to. (Fear is an obstruction and can demotivates the poor and destitute community. That should not be provoked).

Day Four and five: Two Hours each.

Self-awareness and community standing. Each of the participants will “toss around” their own ideas concerning how they can get through each day, doing something to improve themselves and their community in a manner that they are personally passionate about. This too will be incorporated into the RAP. This is not about volunteering or charity, but is more about developing a better personal attitude, and making changes that are consistent with the specific goals they’ve committed to, and to accomplish their mission of increasing their income through contributive enthusiasm.

Day Six and seven: Two Hours each.

Action day. Each participant will share their plan with the counsel as to how they will put the RAP into practice—but focusing mostly upon their community involvement method and how they expect it to impact their community. It’s hoped that personal journaling will help participants stay on track.

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