KaiOS partners Atari to bring Pong on smart feature phonesNEW DELHI: KaiOS Technologies has partnered with Atari to bring Pong, the video game of yesteryear, on KaiOS-enabled smart feature phones.

Available via the KaiStore worldwide, the Pong app is optimized for all KaiOS-enabled devices, with both 256MB and 512MB of RAM, KaiOS said.

“We’re very excited to welcome Atari to the KaiOS ecosystem,” said Sebastien Codeville, CEO of KaiOS Technologies. “The classic arrow and keypad format of KaiOS-enabled devices is perfect for old-school gaming, and Pong is the ultimate classic.”

“PONG introduced video games to an entire generation when it first launched in 1972,” said Jean-Marcel Nicolai, COO of Atari. “In partnership with Kai, we’re thrilled to introduce PONG to a new market of gamers, and we look forward to bringing more Atari games to KaiOS in the future.”
KaiOS partners Atari to bring Pong on smart feature phones
Designed to run on low-spec hardware, KaiOS is a light operating system leveraging open, web-based technologies such as HTML5 to create an intuitive user experience and enable access to essential apps and other internet-based resources.

KaiOS Technologies further enables developers to monetize their KaiOS apps via KaiAds advertising software. KaiAds allows brands (including Atari) and advertisers to foray into the new markets via KaiOS-enabled devices to penetrate into markets that are otherwise not reachable through digital marketing.

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