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TCPalm fact-checked dozens of the claims made by the president's eldest son. Here are some examples of misleading or false information Trump Jr. offered the crowd of about 1,000 people at the Treasure Coast's only presidential campaign stop for either party during this election cycle. 

While some of Trump Jr.'s comments may have been intentional — to exaggerate the truth in order to prove a point — voters continue to sort through political rhetoric to determine what is fact.

A speech referencing facts pushed on conservative talk shows without clear evidence comes during a time in American history of enormous opportunities to encounter misinformation. American intelligence officials, both in 2016 and 2020, have warned of the perils of the misinformation that can come from foreign adversaries, intending to sow division. 

You can watch Trump Jr.'s full speech on WPTV's Facebook livestream.


Donald Trump Jr. spoke to a large crowd on Wednesday. Oct. 28, 2020, at the David W. Fleetwood Exposition Center at the Indian River County Fairgrounds. "It's a big plus for Indian River County and surrounding counties," Frank Sosta, field coordinator for the Donald Trump Victory Campaign in Vero Beach, said Tuesday. "Not everybody gets that."
  • "Think about it, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats impeached Donald Trump for being right about Joe Biden."

    • House Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Party impeached President Trump on Dec. 18, 2019, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The impeachment inquiry stemmed from allegations that Trump sought the help of Ukrainian officialsin the 2020 election. In a reported call, Trump said he would withhold security aid to Ukraine until it announced investigations into Joe Biden, a potential 2020 opponent, and Biden's son, Hunter. The Republican majority Senate acquitted the president of the charges.

  • "He’s been a United States senator since his 20s." 

    • Biden became a senator when he turned 30, although he ran while he was 29. By law, no one younger than 30 can become a senator.

  • "You no longer have journalists. That’s why no one is covering the Tucker story. Not one mainstream outlet covered Tucker having a Navy veteran, an intelligence officer, with emails and hard disks and eyewitness testimony and tape recordings. They don’t even want to hear about it."

  • "Name a single Joe Biden accomplishment. There aren’t any."

    • Accomplishments may be viewed through a partisan lens. Biden led the passage of the Violence Against Women Act; he was chair of the Senate Foreign Relations committee; as vice president, he worked on tax-relief bills, response to H1N1, foreign affairs and infrastructure spending.

  • "This party is more worried about defining the 3,746 genders than they are fighting for Americans. Fact check: True."

    • The Democratic Party is not defining 3,476 genders. Some Democrats, though, are pushing for more gender-neutral language. 


Donald Trump Jr. spoke to a large crowd on Wednesday. Oct. 28, 2020, at the David W. Fleetwood Exposition Center at the Indian River County Fairgrounds. "It's a big plus for Indian River County and surrounding counties," Frank Sosta, field coordinator for the Donald Trump Victory Campaign in Vero Beach, said Tuesday. "Not everybody gets that."
  • "Notice, if it was fake, don’t you think Joe Biden would deny it? I mean it’s been a week and he’s hiding in his basement in Delaware because he knows the mainstream media will just campaign for him. He can do that. We don’t have that luxury."

    • Trump Jr. was referring to the alleged Biden family connection to Ukraine and Russia, including a recent report by the New York Post, which has received intense scrutiny and prompted the potential investigations by federal authorities. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Fox Business there was "no intelligence to support" emails linked to Russian disinformation campaign. The FBI said it currently had nothing to add. 

      In his debate with Trump past week, Biden said that "nothing was unethical” in Hunter Biden’s role on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. “My son has not made money from China. The only guy who has made money from China was this guy." Biden's campaign told USA Today a reported meeting between Biden, then the vice president, and Burisma never occurred. 

    • Unlike Trump, Biden is not holding numerous large rallies across the country, but he is campaigning in person. On Thursday, he was in Tampa and Broward County. This month he has been in Miami and Ocala, among other locations. 

    • The "mainstream media" does not "campaign" for a candidate. 

  • "Remember the whistleblower? The whistleblower? It was supposed to be a high-level administration person ... It was a DHS staffer. A Homeland Security staffer. I called it."

    • Miles Taylor, who wrote the "Anonymous" op-ed in the New York Times ripping into the president, was the chief of staff of the Department of Homeland Security. 

  • "Donald Trump brought us out of the endless wars."

    • Trump has brought home some American troops, yet there still are ongoing and unresolved wars the United States is fighting overseas, according to the Brookings Institute.


Community members with Trump flags flying make their way into the Indian River County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020, for rally where Donald J. Trump Jr. will be the main speaker.
  • "Biden couldn’t come to the U.S. because he was tied to human trafficking rings and prostitution rings. Think about that. So Hunter Biden is involved with people who are doing human trafficking while Donald Trump is funding the task forces to combat it."

    • A Republican Senate Finance and Homeland Security committee report alluded to possible ties to prostitution involving Hunter Biden. The report does not substantiate the claims, and talks around whether he is directly linked to human trafficking or prostitution rings. Poynter put down the claims, and Fox News noted the report could not confirm links to prostitution rings.

  • "Because if Joe Biden and the radicals get their way, you can kiss that goodbye. Again, look no further than the last 10 days. If they can shut down what they’ve been shutting down, corruption at the highest levels of government. No one denying it. There’s a thousand times more evidence than they have ever had for the Russia hoax. If they can do that, our basic liberties are at risk."

    • Trump Jr. is addressing concerns over basic freedoms that would be taken away by the Democratic Party if Biden is elected. His comments about "corruption at the highest levels of government" could be viewed through the lens of the often-talked about "deep state." The deep state is referenced in conspiracy-theory grouip QAnon, which Trump Jr. has elevated on his social media platforms.

Joshua Solomon is a politics reporter covering the Treasure Coast. You can reach him at 772-692-8935 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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