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As officials in Pennsylvania reported at least 2,492 new coronavirus cases on Monday, the most it has seen in a single day, both President Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. campaigned in the state, which is key to both of their hopes for winning the presidential election.

At his first of three rallies Mr. Trump ripped into Senator Kamala Harris, Mr. Biden’s running mate, in demeaning and personal terms, saying, “She will not be the first woman president — you can’t let that happen” while mocking the way she laughed during her “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday.

During a high-decibel, scattershot speech in Allentown that lasted well over an hour, Mr. Trump repeatedly targeted Ms. Harris — who is running for vice president, not president — in a heckling performance that mirrored his attacks on Hillary Clinton and other female foils over the years.

The president went on to offer caustic negative appraisals of other prominent women he said had treated him badly — the CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Moments later, he trumpeted his appeal to “suburban women,” despite polls showing him trailing Mr. Biden among suburban women in battleground states by more than 20 percentage points.

“Did anybody see ‘60 Minutes’ last night? Did anybody see it?” said Mr. Trump, who stormed out of his own interview with Ms. Stahl, accusing her of asking tough questions while her program lobbed softballs to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris.

“It was a total joke of a show,” he added. “Did you see his performance on that show? The only thing almost as bad was Kamala with the laugh, oh, that’s so funny. She kept laughing. I said, ‘Is there something wrong with her, too?’”

Mr. Trump held three rallies in Pennsylvania, and Mr. Biden made a single stop at a voter center in Chester, just over the border from Delaware. He and Vice President Mike Pence were both holding events on the campaign trail, despite the fact that Mr. Trump had the coronavirus earlier this month and there is currently an outbreak in the vice president’s office. At an afternoon rally in Lititz, Pa., the president mocked Mr. Biden for his sparse travel schedule, saying that if he loses, “he should be ashamed of himself because he didn’t work.”

He continued that line of attack on Mr. Biden in Martinsburg. “He said he doesn’t do these kinds of rallies because of Covid,” Mr. Trump told a large crowd gathered at an airport hangar, after throwing red caps into the audience. “No, he doesn’t do them because nobody shows up.”

As the president held the rallies, officials in Pennsylvania reported the new single-day record for virus cases.

Mr. Trump, who faces a widening gender gap, nonetheless defended his standing among female voters — in part, by making a racist appeal based on his opposition to an Obama-era program intended to integrate segregated suburbs.

“I think I’m doing great with suburban women. I am saving the suburbs! I am saving the suburbs. How can I do badly?” he said to wild applause from the crowd arranged on risers outside an Allentown factory, many of them not wearing masks.

“Here is what I know about suburban women,” he added. “First of all, they are great. Love our country. They want to do things. They want to leave their house alone. They don’t want the five-story project next to them or could be higher. They want to leave their house alone. They want security. OK?”

After the cheering died away, Mr. Trump asked the audience, “Am I that bad? Am I that bad?” — to shouts of “No!”

Mr. Trump also repeated falsehoods about the ballot-counting process in Pennsylvania and expressed solidarity with groups of supporters who have been showing up at polling sites to videotape people attempting to vote, a practice the state’s attorney general has called voter intimidation.

“We’re watching you very closely, Philadelphia,” Mr. Trump said.

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