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(RNS) — Three months after police shoved him to the ground during a protest over the death of George Floyd, Martin Gugino, the Catholic peace activist, has quietly moved back to his home in Buffalo, New York.

The 75-year-old Gugino, who ended up in intensive care after he fractured his skull and suffered a brain injury, won’t discuss his condition, other than to say that he tires easily.

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The shark fin ban championed by the late Rep. Kristin Jacobs goes into effect Oct. 1, and a group of ocean conservation advocates is planning to recognize her legacy with a mural.

Jacobs, who died of cancer in April, spent years advocating for the measure, which makes the import and export of shark fins. It’s no secret in the Legislature — the bill signed by the Governor earlier this month was designated the “Kristin Jacobs Ocean Conservation Act.”

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