Education Leaders at Conference

Educations leaders share their stories and ideas at a conference presented by WISE, of the Qatar ... [+] Foundation.

WISE, the Qatar Foundation

In education, though no system or school has been completely untouched by Covid-19, the repercussions are uneven and the paths ahead are divergent, depending in large part on where someone starts and where they can go.

In the United States, some see the pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate expected change or outright innovate our educational systems. Others see it as a systemic setback that will take decades to set right, just to get to back to where we were last year. Both can be true.

As we figure it out, there are insights to be had from the very diversity of the global education experience with Covid-19. And whether the reality is that Covid-19 is a chance to leap forward or we need to simply not fall too far back, plugging our ears to the voices of others facing similar challenges seems foolish. So, it’s important, though admittedly difficult right now, to expand our gaze to lessons and viewpoints outside our own classes and schools and districts and national guide rails to see how the experience of others can assist our debates and actions.

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