About us

What Is The National Coalition for Social & Political Reforms?

We are a national coalition of community activists that, as an organization, serve our communities by proposing legislative reforms that are developed for improving our social, political, education and economic systems to provide for a better life for everyone.

I can almost guarantee that most of us want equal justice; and enhancing our education systems so that it is constantly improving, which is something all forward looking parents want for their children. Many of us want reforms to our healthcare and employment systems so that they are fair to everyone, to implement inflationary prevention mechanisms and reforms to our criminal justice systems so that civil laws cannot be a means of circumventing our Constitution. 

First and foremost however is the fact that we all want our representatives and media figures to understand that we are tired of being preyed upon emotionally, through fear mongering and false positive proposals, simply because some group wants to enact costly and wasteful regulatory schemes that undermine our individual rights from being protected. We especially oppose laws made in the name of public safety, and then enacted with a title of a victims name out of sentimentality or memorializing someone. We believe our laws should be premised upon moral and ethical principles, not upon personalities or the sentimates of victims.

People are typically socialized to support destructive policies because they have been led to believe that certain policies will improve society or their lives. Because of this, it is not government who tolerates the views of its people, but it's the people who tolerate a society predetermined by the government,  which is something that our founding fathers sought to prevent in America.

It's difficult to understand how people can vote based on the general will if they are being censored by government and influenced by previously enacted laws, customs and misguided marketing strategies to promote new public policy. This indicates that public opinion expressed by the majority is a result of government socialization, and not the general will or true conscience of the people.

Our education systems are not neutral, but are inherently politically motivated, influencing prevailing views and beliefs of our society. Our government is able to promote its agenda through the creation of curriculum in public schools, which is sometimes a mechanism of corruption. Instead of being taught to think autonomously, educational institutions by their very methods and conceptsserve to enclose the mindset within the established universe of discourse and behavior.

If this is the case, the majority of our people would be incapable of separating their personal beliefs from the general will, which is something we believe to be born of political agenda, with years of planned conditioning throughout the republic. The media is also used as a tool of domination, transmitting information that shapes public opinion, which inevitably determines how we think and live our lives. The ordinary meaning of words and ideas the media relays to us has been pre-established as either right or wrong by those in power.  Because of this, most people will be partial to mainstream thinking and critical of any opposition, looking at opposing ideas in terms of how they have been socialized to view them.

These are the things we'd like to change. These are also the things that give us our mission. The Constitution of the United States of America followed our Declaration of Independence by the shedding of blood.

The American Constitution provided for a society of free people, that is, free thinkers with an open government, a government that does not discriminate, or act prejudicially against individuals or engage in persecutory behaviors against any group of law abiding citizens. We are appalled by the fact that religious doctrines and other cultural deprivations continue to be imposed on us through questionable legislation. These things are exactly why our constitution forbade our government from respecting religion. The separation of church and state is a command upon the Government, not our people. People are free to worship as they choose. We do not respect the philosophy that makes the expression of religious ideologies unlawful for "civilians" within our public school systems.

Given the nature of and extent with which only some people are being lawfully persecuted merely for the sake of perpetuating fear and laws enacted to create or enhance money making mechanisms for government, along with ridiculous price tags for tax payer funded services; while our social and economic decline worsens. We demand that candidates and officials using these legislative tactics be forbidden from doing so without the consent of the people. One important measure would be to mandate term limits for all public offices.

We understand that making critical changes in our government or its regulatory schemes requires dedicated and learned people, people who intelligently recognize the causes of specific problems but through careful research, study, and/or experience; rather than mere gut feelings, and, people who can work with others within constitutional guidelines to recommend specific reforms or revisions to our laws that will improve upon our lives and chances of recovery as a nation.



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