he National Coalition for Social & Political Reforms has created this site for free-thinkers--Americans who thrive upon protecting and preserving the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans, while at the same time working and contributing to the betterment of our humanity. Our nation's free-thinkers are often compelled to expose issues concerning systemic bottlenecks, administrative failures and even organized crime transpiring within our governance, because we have hope, faith and charity.  We also love America. All of us experience the impact of organized crime happening every day--in our daily lives and even from within our own families. We become even more motivated and willing to take action when we observe injustice, and because we believe in what's right, we act with resolve! We're all capable of taking things to higher levels, arguing, fighting and even killing each other, but acting in anger often leads to gross misunderstandings and needless tragedies. Life is worth living, and our Country is worth loving! We all try our best to avoid Knee Jerk reactions to the many problems that confront us every day, but we're all so inundated by life's financial burdens that we just can't spare the time to take part in our own society--we're enslaved by our own desire to have "quality of lifestyle." Some of us can't even spend any decent time with our family because our obligations must be met, and it takes a lot out of us. So, as inflation continues to desecrate our pursuit for happiness through financial enslavement, the frustrations overpower our sense of compassion, and we become assholes because we act in anger. It's a natural human impulse. So, we have a lot of work to do in the area of:



I invite you all to read on, and maybe even consider becoming a contributing member, in order for you to share your views and ideas on the issues and solutions presented here, or maybe even consider presenting an issue of your own about something you experienced in your life and felt that it was unjust or counter American. But let us not quibble over the petty personal problems in our lives, but let's focus upon fixing the mess we're in now. Most importantly: "We do not condone the use or promotion of violence as a way to solve problems in the community--even though it does become necessary at times--but let's try our best to keep it all civil here. Shall We?


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We are a national coalition of activists that, as a human rights organization serve our communities by proposing legislative reforms, systemic overhauls, and general policy fixes that are designed to improve our social, political, education and economic systems to provide for a better future for all Americans--free-thinkers! But we don't stop there. We strive to assure that all Americans enjoy a full and healthy life; one where we are not enslaved by doctrines, systems, or by varying theologies. Unfortunately, as we all know, that fat cat called "economics" spits in our faces each and every day, and our lives become more about our worth in dollars and cents, than by our potential and contribution to our humanity. Many seniors are suffering from illnesses that take time to heal, but now, if the right health insurance plan isn't in place, the illness could remain "not cured" and people can die. Healthcare is a huge topic, and experience is the only "expert" I want to hear from right now, because our economics is killing us. There are many other issues we'd like to address here, but if the truth in any "issue" is in doubt, then the truth can only be found by caring people willing and able to look speak out. Americans who are willing to take action! Public education is in big trouble, as our potential by freedom alone, is being desecrated by slippery Political agendas, philosophical doctrines, or insane OCD worship rituals encouraged by some of our churches. We've all seen abuses transpiring within law enforcement operations around the Nation recently, yet we seem to take a "wait and see" position. Can we afford to lose lives so easily--so needlessly? We adopted the wait and see position because we're taught to "trust the law" and that the law is what keeps us civilized. But the law is not perfect. We witness major crimes transpiring within our own communities, yet many of us remain silently in the shadows, because we know that our system of justice isn't always right, and that we have good reason to fear for our lives. We've lost touch with life's greatest pleasures because of our consumerist lifestyles and the fatigue of it all. And, we can remain stuck in that cycle hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for the rest of our lives. Meanwhile, so much of life's splendors go untouched or unseen. The greatness of the human soul has diminished.


Our Goals

First and foremost is that we are Americans, and we have a Right to be Heard. We want that right respected. Since so many of us recognize the existing economic realities that spell anything but balanced, we need to act to implement a fail-safe economic recovery plan, keep it in the family, and then make it law. From the micro-cosm to the macro-verse of economic accountability, genuine free enterprise is nearly gone--big corporations own everything. The spectrums of economics are plentiful, and finding the right solutions for the effects of its chaotic disposition is a skill learned only by experience. Unfortunately, good and bad, right and wrong, exist together in this life. So, the trick is to make the right choices. Global markets have sucked the life right out of us. Consumerism is at its worst. Shorty and flimsy products are acceptable when the marketing attached is awesome! Many of us want to make reforms to our healthcare and employment systems so that they are fair to everyone, but we must first find and implement inflationary prevention mechanisms to stop the parasitical nature of our own systems, stop the bleeding, and then reinvent our consumerist/American lifestyles. Perhaps, recognizing that our humanity and our dreams are worthy of being shared, freely, without doubt. We need to make reforms to our criminal justice systems, and assure that civil laws cannot be a means of circumventing the Spirit of our Constitution to impose punishments or unfair burdens upon those who've made past mistakes with an ex-post-facto natured laws deemed "civil" by emotionally annoyed human beings. We want to revamp our education systems so the journey fits the needs and health of every student in America. No one should be stuck in a career without passion for it. We want education to nurture a love for human life, teamwork and civics again, so our children's children will be able to tackle and overcome whatever adversities may come their way.

   Goal 1:  Collect the Issues to identify patterns and anomalies.

    Goal 2:  Recruitment: researchers, writers, editors and publisher.

    Goal 3:  Evidence:  philo, psycho, anthro and with compassion.

    Goal 4:  Resolution:  teams, foot-soldiers, backers and supporters.

    Goal 5:  Take Action


Our Beliefs / Principles / Mission

Our education systems are not neutral, but are inherently politically motivated, and they continue to influence prevailing views and beliefs of our society while our understanding in human rights is increasingly denigrated. Our government is able to promote any agenda through the creation of curriculum in public schools, which is sometimes, a mechanism for political crime and corruption. Instead of being taught to think autonomously, educational institutions by their very methods and concepts serve to enclose the mindset within the established universe of discourse and behavior. Unfortunately, that universe is filled with distortions and lies by those responsible for the pollution or contamination of America's true socio-political principles and "policy."

In this situation, the majority of our people may be incapable of separating their personal feelings from the general will, which is something we believe to be born of a contaminated media agenda. And, with years of planned conditioning throughout the republic with an ever tightening grip on our financial lives, it's getting more and more difficult to be motivated and be able to enjoy our lives. The media is also being used as a tool of domination, transmitting information that is designed to shape public opinion, which makes us wonder how many atrocities can we handle in our lives. The ordinary meaning of words and ideas the media relays to us has often been pre-established--so as to plant the seed of being either right or wrong. Social engineering by those in power--and to greater extents--by "committee." These things continue to diminish the greatness of our Nation and its people.  Because of this reality, most people will be partial to mainstream thinking and critical of any opposition, looking at opposing ideas in terms of how they have been socialized to view them. This, we believe, needs to be better managed.

These are the things we'd like to change. These are also the things that give us our mission. The Constitution of the United States of America was preceded by our Declaration of Independence, and the mind-sets that created them had evolved from lifetimes of tyranny.

The American Constitution provided for a society of free people, that is, free thinkers with an open government, a government that does not discriminate, or act prejudicially against individuals or engage in persecutory behaviors against any group of law abiding citizens. We are appalled by the fact that religious doctrines and other cultural deprivations continue to be imposed on us through questionable legislation. These things are exactly why our constitution forbade our government from respecting religion. The separation of church and state is a command upon the Government, not our people. People are free to worship as they choose. We do not respect the philosophy that makes the expression of religious ideologies unlawful for "civilians" within our public school systems.

In Conclusion

The truth isn’t easy to comprehend in our world today because our perspectives have been contaminated by social trends—the marketing of unamerican values and doctrines. In a sense, that’s what’s leading to our economic and social suicide. Our desires and quests for supremacy is about nothing more than an insecurity. Not just as a nation, or even humanity as a whole, but each of us as individuals.

“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” But do it in the spirit of compassion and goodness.

“For us to sin by silence when we should protest, makes cowards of men.”

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting resolute.” Justice may wear a blindfold. But man should never wear a muzzle.

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” But never enter that posture armed with lies, deceit and selfishness.